1. Leads & Bites Vol. 3

  2. Ibadan ADE 2019 Sampler

  3. You're In My System (Dennis Quin Remixes) Feat. Vocals By Troy Denari
    Kerri Chandler, Jerome Sydenham

  4. Yam Groove
    African Express

  5. Sandcastles incl. Pete Heller Edit

  6. Pan-African Electric Vol. 3

  7. New York Chronicles Vol. II
    Kerri Chandler

  8. DJ Tools Vol. 8

  9. 32 Project Remixed
    Hiroshi Watanabe

  10. Fired Up
    Andy Roda, Jerome Sydenham feat. Dorrey Lyles

  11. The Other Man
    Janne Tavi feat. Robert Owens + Kerri Chandler Remixes

  12. Path of Redemption feat. E-Man
    Jerome Sydenham, Aschka

  13. No Earth Required
    Jerome Sydenham

  14. Simplex Six
    Lo Hype

  15. Energy Soul
    Fred P

  16. Comanche
    Jerome Sydenham & Janne Tavi

  17. Leads & Bites Vol. 1 & 2 (Special Edition)

  18. Basement Galaxy

  19. Zenobia
    Jerome Sydenham & Janne Tavi

  20. Mirror Lines EP
    Jerome Sydenham, Shinedoe, Duel, DOS,

  21. New York Chronicles Vol. I
    Dennis Ferrer, Jerome Sydenham

  22. Leads and Bites Vol. 2
    Kerri Chandler, Jerome Sydenham, Spin & Flow, Free Radicals, Earth People

  23. Rudra (EP)
    Jerome Sydenham, Janne Tavi, Aschka, Joe Claussell

  24. Amin (Jerome Sydenham Remix)
    Dammy Krane

  25. Can't Stop Not (Luciano Remix)
    Jerome Sydenham & Rune

  26. Ibadan Signature Rotations

  27. S.A.T. (Album)

  28. Lady MacBeth Strategy
    The Angry Kids,Toto Chiavetta, Jerome Sydenham, Sally, Lo Hype

  29. Black Jerusalem
    Jerome Sydenham, Sally, Brendon Moeller, DJ Spen, Dana Weaver, Aschka

  30. Sun Ark
    Carl Craig, Jerome Sydenham, Lo Hype

  31. Them Crowd Kids

  32. No Shade
    Aschka, Sylvie Forêt, Jerome Sydenham

  33. Animal Social Club
    Jerome Sydenham

  34. Café Sol
    Alistair Colling, Jerome Sydenham

  35. Deeper Love EP
    Alessio Pagliaroli, Edo Pietrogrande

  36. Osunlade Remixes of Argy - "Upon Ourselves" feat. Bajka

  37. White Light + Remixes
    Function vs. Jerome Sydenham

  38. White Light Remixes
    Function vs. Jerome Sydenham, Planetary Assault Systems, Slam, Mark Broom, Silent Servant, Xhin

  39. Fundamentals

  40. Alsos
    Nick Dunton, Quell, Richard Polson

  41. Ibadan Records - Beginnings Revisited Vol. 1

  42. Ibadan Deep Strokes (Vol. 2)

  43. Natural Spray
    Jerome Sydenham, Aschka

  44. Leads and Bites Vol. 1

  45. Thick & Thin
    Argy, Jerome Sydenham, DJ Said

  46. Timbuktu - The Complete Collection
    Ferrer & Sydenham Inc.

  47. White Light
    Function vs. Jerome Sydenham

  48. Mbali / Jero
    Jerome Sydenham, Motorcitysoul, Dennis Ferrer

  49. Jango 02
    Jerome Sydenham

  50. Jango 01
    Jerome Sydenham

  51. Destination Nagano Remixes
    Nagano Kitchen, Joris Voorn, Jerome Sydenham

  52. Let the Sunshine Out
    Flora Cruz, Jerome Sydenham

  53. Ibadan Deep Strokes (Vol. 1)
    Jerome Sydenham

  54. Ibadan Afrotonic

  55. Ibadan Pan-African Electro (Vol. 1)

  56. Ibadan Pan-African Electro (Vol. 2)

  57. Nothing But... Ricky L
    Ricky L

  58. Ebian
    Jerome Sydenham, Romantic Couch, Texu

  59. In the Barbershop

  60. Elevation and F12 Remixes
    Jerome Sydenham & Tiger Stripes

  61. Kilo Tango
    Nikola Gala

  62. Destination Nagano
    Nagano Kitchen

  63. Brokeback

  64. That's The Way Love Is
    Ten City

  65. Ibadan Records Winter Music Conference 2007 DJ Mix

  66. Sun Watcher
    Tiger Stripes / Mikael Nordgren

  67. Elevation
    Jerome Sydenham & Tiger Stripes

  68. Ibadan DJ Tools Vol. 7
    Lagos Nagoya Players Association

  69. F12
    Jerome Sydenham & Tiger Stripes

  70. Timbuktu - The Âme Remixes
    Ferrer & Sydenham Inc.

  71. Footsteps of Phire
    DJ Oji

  72. The Back Door
    Ferrer & Sydenham Inc.

  73. Underground Dance Music Vol. 1

  74. Electric Pussycat starring Jerome Sydenham as Casino J
    Jerome Sydenham

  75. The Undertow
    Ferrer & Sydenham Inc.

  76. The Vulture
    Tiger Stripes / Mikael Nordgren

  77. Son of Raw
    Dennis Ferrer

  78. Ibadan DJ Tools Vol. 6

  79. Explosive High Fidelity Sounds
    Jerome Sydenham

  80. Esteban
    DJ Oji

  81. Stockholm Go Bang!
    Jerome Sydenham, Mikael Nordgren

  82. Rule of Humanity
    32 Project AKA Hiroshi Watanabe

  83. Ibadan DJ Tools Vol. 5
    Ferrer & Sydenham Inc., Zero Duma

  84. Soul Drums
    Herb Martin

  85. Signals
    Slam Mode

  86. Ibadan DJ Tools Vol. 4
    Jerome Sydenham, Slam Mode, Kerri Chandler

  87. Sandcastles Remixes
    Ferrer & Sydenham Inc.

  88. Obyah
    Slam Mode

  89. Timbuktu
    Ferrer & Sydenham Inc.

  90. Candela
    Jerome Sydenham, Kerri Chandler

  91. Solaris / Eternal
    Slam Mode

  92. Blaze - The Prologue EP

  93. Public Service EP

  94. Street Promotions International

  95. Usoni
    Slam Mode

  96. Sandcastles
    Ferrer & Sydenham Inc.

  97. 10 Jay Street
    Downtown Brooklyn Inc.

  98. Root Of World
    Hiroshi Watanabe

  99. Ibadan People - Live Mix by Jerome Sydenham

  100. Ten Inch Beats No. 2 - Double Penetration
    Ferrer & Sydenham Inc.

  101. The Nature Soul EP
    Nature Soul

  102. Winter’s Blessing
    Kerri Chandler & Jerome Sydenham

  103. Tierra Mia (Abreme Los Caminos)

  104. Badagry Beach
    Ben Onono

  105. Ten Inch Beats No. 1 - Deep Penetration
    Kerri Chandler & Jerome Sydenham

  106. Moments in Time
    Vince Watson

  107. Four Seasons of Ibadan - Mixed by DJ Yellow

  108. Space Lab Yellow - Jerome Sydenham Live

  109. Ibadan DJ Tools Vol. 2

  110. Kò Kò (Vocal)
    Jerome Sydenham, Dennis Ferrer

  111. Saturday
    Jerome Sydenham, Kerri Chandler

  112. Deconstructed House (Phase 2)

  113. Best of Ten City
    Ten City

  114. Je Ka Jo (Crazy Vocal)
    Joe Claussell

  115. Ten City Classics 4
    Ten City

  116. Ten City Classics 3
    Ten City

  117. Ten City Classics 2
    Ten City

  118. Ten City Classics 1
    Ten City

  119. Exodus
    T Kolai

  120. Saturday
    Jerome Sydenham, Kerri Chandler

  121. The Body Theme
    Next Evidence

  122. Kò Kò
    Jerome Sydenham, Dennis Ferrer

  123. Àró
    Jerome Sydenham

  124. Spiritual Insurrection
    Joe Claussell

  125. Passages
    Tony Watson

  126. Atmospheric Beats
    Kerri Chandler

  127. Language
    Joe Claussell

  128. Gbedu Resurrection
    Gbedu Resurrection

  129. Saudação aos Orixás feat. Vera Mara
    Kerri Chandler & Jerome Sydenham

  130. Je Ka Jo
    Joe Claussell

  131. Ibadan DJ Tools Vol. 1
    Jerome Sydenham, Joe Claussell, Kerri Chandler

  132. Polo's Play
    Joe Claussell feat. Marc Cary

  133. Suspicious
    Ten City, Joe Claussell

  134. Dub Life (Vol. 1)
    Ten City, Joe Claussell

  135. Atmosphere – The Lost Dubs
    Kerri Chandler

  136. Indigneous Music
    Marc Cary

  137. My Peace of Heaven
    Ten City, David Morales, Joe Claussell

  138. You're in My System
    The System

  139. Espirito Du Tempo
    Kerri Chandler & Jerome Sydenham

  140. My Peace of Heaven
    Ten City, Joe Claussell, David Morales

  141. Nothing's Changed
    Ten City, Joe Claussell

  142. See Line Woman
    The Songstress

  143. Escravos De Jo (2x12")
    Joe Claussell, Kerri Chandler

  144. All Loved Out
    Ten City, Joe Claussell

  145. Whatever Makes You Happy
    Ten City, Kerri Chandler


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